A brief look

Andy Roberts has worked on MGS for over 40 years. Started at Sands of Burnham in 1973 until starting up Roberts MGs in Jan 1979, and recomended by the MG Owners club in 1989.
In 1993 he started studying  electronics and later started Harbourcall; an Electronics bussiness making tracking and monitoring systems for boats. With his expertise in electronics it seemed futile to stick to only the older models when so many other garages struggle with electronics problems. Nothings easy but perhaps we do have a head start here.For instance we have up to date diagnostic sysytems but also a scope and obd system, designed by Andy Roberts with a low level interface, straight to engine sensors for MGFs ect.
We do all kinds of specialised work, from reconditioning our own engines & gearboxes, to complete body restorations , repairing obsolete instruments and making small mechanical parts.We have a full machine shop, with a lathe, a milling machine, a surface grinder a van norman boreing bar a piller drill and a flow bench.
We do all sorts of special tuning, and have facilities for boring, surfacing, modifying valves, cylinder heads and gas flowing.

MGF headgasket Cambelt and skim @ £680 all in. All Makes and models serviced including engine work on Lotus Elans and Lotus's with K series engines.

At present we are charging mg owners a mere £50 per hr for mechanical work.
As part of an agreement with the Owners club we are willing to discuss any of the problems you might have with your mg and if need be, guide you through some of your own repairs
We have time to chat about your MG give us a ring